Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Night in Bethlehem

For the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of being involved in one of the most rewarding and satisfying productions of my life, A Night in Bethlehem. Wilton Baptist Church - a very small Southern Baptist Church just outside of Montevallo AL - is home to us. On an average Sunday morning the sanctuary has about 70-80 folks worshipping. So a production of any size can be overwhelming to say the least. They are costumes to make, sets to build, food to prepare, drama roles to be filled, parking duties to attend - you get the picture....I am so proud of our Wilton folks - we had 55, yes I said, 55 participant on each night of the production - which consisted of one closed performance for WBC only and three nights open to the public. WOW - AWESOME - WILTON!!! That is amazing to say the least - especially during the busiest time of the year - the holiday season. Wilton members from the youngest - Ella (infant daughter of Dave and Amanda Roper) to the oldest - Gran Fran Hunt (who is a young 80's) gave of their time, their talents, their smiles, their money, and most importantly their love of the Lord...I could not be more proud.

The Bible tells us to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and his saving power - yet that is sometimes hard in our day to day working world but for three/four nights in December 2008 everyone involved with A Night in Bethlehem was doing just that - easily and proudly and boldy.

Happy Birthday Jesus - may we always continue to tell the wonderful story of your life, death and resurrection!

Thank you Wilton Baptist Church - what a testimony you have!

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  1. One Night in Bethlehem was AWESOME! Our family enjoyed the ministry, and the production was just first class. :-) And hey now, I'm excited about having another blog to read. I'm going to connect you to my home page so people can link right from there too. Yea!