Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Counting my blessings...

Last night as I was traveling home from work - in a fury to get to a meeting that I had called - a meeting that was important and I hated to be late. I was stuck in terrible traffic - the kind that does not move at all. I am not a patient person - I was late and needed to be on my way and yet here I was stuck in traffic no way to exit the interstate.....I fumed and fumed....waited and waited - finally we were slowly moving at a snail pace....slowly...slowly. As a reached the accident site, I was horrified at the thought of the families that had just been changed forever. The cars involved were unrecognizable -clothes were scattered in the trees - lives were lost. Chills ran all over me and suddenly I thanked God for the traffic, for the alone time in my vehicle, for everything. I am so selfish - I prayed for forgiveness and I counted my blessings.

Tomorrow I will probably be fussing about the traffic again but today I am thankful for all the obstacles that drop into my life......

GOD IS SO GOOD all the time!

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