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Well it has been a couple of months since I have put any of my thoughts in print....The renovations at our house are complete - this nightmare is finally coming to an end - Praise the Lord!!! We have grown stronger during this stressful time and we have been reminded daily not to take anything for granted. Life is short - love unconditionally - laugh daily - cry when necessary - know Jesus (if you don't - let me share him with you) - LIVE!

Have to share this story - it may bore you but it needs to be written so it can be remembered. In August 2010, we were a bulldog family consisting Arthur, Annabelle, and Lil Ben. A happy house full of unconditional love and slobbery kisses, belly rubs and zoomies! We were happy - no doubt about this!

Tragic circumstances took our precious Arthur from us on August 21 and we went from three to two bulldogs in a flash. With broken hearts and disbelief, we wandered around in a daze for a few weeks....always trusting in the Lord and knowing that He has a plan but very aware of the void in our day to day routine that hurt so bad. We still had Lil Ben and Annabelle, who were lost without Arthur, but the house was too silent and the spirit was not the same.

Darryl's birthday was coming up in September. I contacted the breeder that all of our bulldogs had come from just to see if she had anything that might help. It turned out that she had a puppy born June 28th that was the full brother to Lil Ben....this would be the last time that she would use the same male and female - In other words, we had the chance to get Lil Ben's full brother - she only had the one puppy left....This was the answer - Levi would come to live with us....then we would have three again....the plan was to wait until the repairs was finished at the house and to give him to Darryl for his birthday! It was to be a secret.... Excitement began to fill me and I began to smile again....This had to be what the Lord had planned for was too perfect...God knew what we needed and I thanked Him for it...

Now here is where the story gets a little crazy and I become convinced that the Lord has a wonderful sense of humor. While waiting on the repair work to be done at the house and keeping the secret from Darryl about Levi, the Alabama English Bulldog Rescue needed volunteers for foster dogs - they were overrun with dogs needing a place to stay until there forever home could be found. We have been supporters of this organization as long as they have been in business but have not ever volunteered to foster a dog because we had three of our own. The picture was posted and my heart jumped....Samson - a six year old from Kentucky that had only had one owner his life was coming to rescue in Alabama. He was a beautiful dog - I don't know what drew me to him but I knew that I had to see him and love him - I could only imagine the pain of losing your home - the only home you had ever known - for circumstances that you had no control over.

So the dilemma - Levi the puppy was supposed to be coming to live with us and now Samson - the rescue - needed me as much as I needed him.....I can only imagine the Lord laughing at me as I pondered the situation over and over as to what to do....

Long story short - Samson came to live with us on Labor day 2010 - He is now a permanent member of our household - we love him and we are devoted to him!

Levi is coming this weekend to live with us also - we are excited and love him already too!

So the Burns household went from 3 to 2 to FOUR - and I believe that the Lord has shown us that we have enough love for them all and I believe that he got a really good laugh out of it too....Love cannot be contained to just one precious dog that taken too soon - Samson and all of his medical issues (story for another day) needed US and we needed him. Levi will make give Darryl countless hours of puppy love. We needed him too. Lil Ben, Annabelle, Samson and Levi Burns will know that they are loved - just like Arthur did.

So the Burns household is bullyfull again.....Praise the Lord!

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