Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To Mom with all my love!

To Mom with all my love!

As Mother's Day approaches this weekend, I am overcome with emotions and thoughts that need to be expressed so to the blog I come.  Bear with me - this could run in so many different directions but I will try to stay focused.

I have lived a good life - I have been blessed beyond measure to have been born into the family that I was and by the grace of God I am in a position to give back a little.  Let me explain,  my mother married my  father right out of high school which ended in divorce and she soon  embarked on a life long journey of hard work with little education and three children to raise alone.  She worked hard - we did not go without.  She sacrificed so that we could have what we needed and she spent her entire life just raising us.  We moved from place to place and she tried to make each one a home.  About 33 years ago, together she and I bought her first house.  She succeeded in making that house a home with everything that she had in her.  It served its purpose - she continue to raise my brothers and me in it, watched after her grandchildren in it, and cared for many a cats in it.  Time has not been good to the neighborhood or the home and it became obvious that she would have to leave.

This Mothers Day will find her in her new home - ours.  You see, this weekend she will be moving in.  For the first time in her adult life, she will not have to worry about something breaking, having enough money to fix it, or dealing with loneliness and spending holidays alone.  While life will not be perfect for her, it will be much better than she has ever had.

Mom - thank you for staying the course and raising me! I can't change that Jesse and Robert are not here but I can promise that I won't leave (unless the Lord calls me home).  Thank you for loving me and giving me the chance to give back just a little of what you gave.  A new chapter starts this Mothers Day! 

Welcome Home!  I love you!

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