Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oh Nanny! How we miss you!

Oh Nanny - 13 years have come and gone since you left us so unexpectedly that Tuesday evening!  Tears still flow today over how much we miss you and how we wish we could hear your voice again on the really hard days down here.

So much has happened in those 13 years - some good and some bad!  Some I wished you were here to see and some of it I am so glad that you were not here to see or experience!

Some of the good - Ashley and Alex (Lex as we call him now) are both college graduates - happy and healthy!  Ashley is married to a fine former marine and she is career minded  (a little like her mom); they live in a beautiful home and they are both Christians -which means you will see them again!  Oh and did I tell you just how beautiful she is both inside and out! 

Lex is still single and lives a good life - still the kind hearted little boy you loved so much!  He is quick to feel for others and worries a little too much sometimes (kinda like you did).  He is a Christian as well and what a privilege it was to be there when he became one and there is no better peace on this earth than knowing that they both will spend eternity with Jesus and you and me!

Heather and Holly are both moms now - kind moms with gorgeous girls!  Zoey is Heathers and will be starting school this fall.  Emily and Addison belong to Holly and they precious as well!  Katelyn is 16 and driving now - where did the time go?  Seems like she was just a baby but she too is growing into a fine young woman.

Mom has left Midfield - we tried her living with me but that did not work very well for her.  She was not happy in my house so she is in an apartment in Montevallo - safe from the dangers of a city that was no longer what it was when we grew up.  I know she misses you so much!

Pam and Rusty are doing fine - they survived the terrible tornado that destroyed their house and they are stronger for it!  Bought another beautiful home - they are happy and healthy!

As you know, Ona and Nathan are there with you now - that was most difficult for us but truly we know they are in a better place.

Jesse and Robert are both no longer in Alabama - Robert is still in Arizona - living his life his way.  Jesse moved to the Philippines and will probably spend the rest of his life there playing music!  We still worry about them so much but God has a plan and we lift them up in prayer all the time.

As for me, I had no idea that the I would miss you so much especially as the kids left home and the house was empty.  My years last few years have been spent working and working and caregiving to Darryl who has had more than his fair share of illness.  Some days I just long to visit with you but I hold tight to the fact that soon we will all be together again. 

See you soon!  With ALL my love,






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