Friday, March 13, 2009


By this time tomorrow, the Burns household will have a new member. We are SO excited....a precious new life to love and adore! It has been rather lonesome since #1 son moved out to college and #1 daughter is a full-time working woman with her own agenda. Now don't get me wrong - we have TWO wonderfully funny english bulldogs at home -patiently waiting for us at the door - we don't know what we would do without them. Cant imagine life without them....but once you have become smitten with a bulldog - one or two is not enough........SO tomorrow we bring home our THIRD - Benjamin Athens Burns - aka -Lil Ben - aka - Big Ben (he weighs 13 pounds and is 8 weeks old)!!!!! We are so in love with him already and we have yet to meet him. The breeder that he is coming from (same one as our other bullies) has done an excellent job of keeping us posted on his growth.

Tonight is like the night before Christmas and you dont think that morning is ever going to come! We are so blessed - I cant say that enough! And tomorrow - we indulge in pure satisfaction of loving another bulldog - God is SO good!

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