Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3:00 am and wide awake...

Most anyone who knows me knows that I am running at full speed most all of the time. So sleep has never been a problem for me. When I finally get in the bed at night - I am out like a automatic switch until the alarm clock goes off. However, at 3:00 am (one and a half hours before the clock is to go off) I am wide awake yesterday.

Fighting it was no use - I was awake - no chance of going back to sleep. So I let me mind begin to access the daily list of things to do and found that this would be a good time to talk with the Lord about a few things. Now normally my prayers always include request for various folks that are having difficulties, the world that we live, the problems of the day and of course a short thank you for all the blessings in my life Amen.

But this morning was different. As I still laid in bed, I could not help to talk with the Lord about all my blessings. A wonderful God fearing man sound asleep beside me, a cozy place to sleep, Lil Ben and Arthur snoring away on the bed with us. Annabelle just outside the bedroom door sleeping on her zebra pillow, in the room across my beautiful Jesus loving daughter in peaceful slumber - who can ask for anything more. My talk continued with thankfulness of a nice house, transportation, jobs that put food on the table, a memory that allows me to use the poverty of my past to help others now.

I thanked Him for my health and for the health of my family. I thanked Him for my son who also knows the Lord and has tender heart. For my friends who are truly just angels that He gave me to help get me through the trials and temptations of this world that we live in.

I found myself with tears streaming down my face for I realized that I am blessed far far more than I deserve to me. I apologized for taking so much for granted and not always taking time to give Him the credit He deserved for my life.

I ended my quiet time with a final thank you for His son - how hard that must have been to send Jesus to carry the weight of the world literally on his shoulders to save a poor sinner like me. As the songs - when He was on cross I was on His mind.

May I never take this this for granted especially when the world steps in and tries to show me different. My prayer will always be - "Lead me, guide me along the way. For if You lead me I cannot stray. Or just open my eyes that I may see I am lost if You take Your hand from me. I am blind without Your light to see. Lord just always let me Thy servant be. Lead me 0' Lord, won’t You lead me. Lead me, guide me along the way. For if You lead me I cannot stray!" Amen!

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