Friday, October 19, 2012

A new chapter....

Today we start a new chapter in our lives and I am excited.  Weeks ago, I never thought I would say those words again unless perhaps it was my time to leave this earth and meet my savior.  But that is another story for another day!

What a year 2012 has been for our household - loss of our two precious babies (Levi aka Lil Ball Boy and Annabelle) within 4 months of each other; Coach Burns job loss and disability at such a young age; total knee replacement just 4 weeks ago for him and the pre-cancerous cells for me only serve as a reminder that not all days are going to be good ones. 

Throughout all of our earthly circumstances - the Lord has comforted us with His undying love and His ability to send friends and loved ones to walk with us through the dark times.  We are forever thankful for the love that He has given us and for the folks that He has used to help us along. We would be so lost with Him and His people!

But today is a GOOD day!  Today we embark on a new adventure with a special "unconditional love bug"-   A seven week old brownish red English bulldog that will bring new exciting life back into our household. 

As I get ready to leave to make the trip to pick her up - a few tears for those we are missing cant help but flow.  Oh the memories are so precious!  Life down here will be exciting again and perhaps a little easier because of a new little angel to love!

Here are a few photos that the breeder has sent us!


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