Friday, May 17, 2013

If I could save time in a bottle....

Anyone remember that song by Jim Croce - If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do is save everyday till eternity passes to spend them with you.....Well if I could save time in a bottle - I would save this past Sunday - Mothers Day 2013.

What a gorgeous day the Lord gave us - the weather was fabulous - sunny and warm with a breeze.  Both my children were in church with me along with Mom and Darryl - that in itself was so much more than I deserved.  After coming out of the worst week ever, I cannot put into words the emotional comfort I received this Mothers Day.

For a few hours - all the world was good, there was nothing worrying me, there was no pain, there was no panic in my stomach, there was simply joy - Joy that I was able to worship with my family, Joy that I still have my precious mother, Joy that both my kids were home, Joy that Ashley found the love of her life, Joy that we have a place to call home, Joy that we laughed and cried, Joy that Darryl felt well enough to sit with us at the table for a dinner, Joy that comes in the morning as the Lord promises.....

If I could save time in a bottle - moments like this is what I would save.  They are few these days but when they come - they arrive in grand fashion and this Mom is so grateful for the few hours that she was allowed to be normal!

As quickly as the the moments came,  they left and life returned to normal....but there is coming a day when the wonder of this day will be insignificant in milestones when we are all in heaven together!

For now though - it is moments like this that I thank the Lord for renewed hope, strength, and courage to face what lies ahead!  Thank you Lord for blessing me so!

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