Thursday, October 3, 2013

Where is God?

Where is God?

All this tragedy in the world today – one could easily lose their minds with worry over all that has gone on it just 2013 alone – rising prices, government shutdown, obamacare, death of loved ones , illnesses, loneliness, dementia, accidents, job loss, wars and rumors of wars, feeling of pending doom around every corner….So where is God?

He is….

• Painting the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we have seen lately

• Showing us abundant vivid rainbows in the last few weeks

• The sparkling twinkle in a friends eyes after several months of no contact

• The phone call from a friend when you need it most

• The love of a dog that reminds us it is conditional

• A hug and a tear that makes compassion more than an emotion

• Sleepless nights filled with prayer and scriptures

• Still in the miracle business after an accident

• Blessing planning meetings with laughter and fellowship

• The potter that never tires of the clay – no matter how broken or worn it is

• Collecting every tear I cried

• With me always even to the ends of the earth

Thank you Lord for making your presence known even in the unstable times!

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