Saturday, January 28, 2012

Levi - the beginning of the end

Oh I dont know where to begin....Let me introduce you to our precious Levi, aka Little Bit, aka Ball Boy, aka Crazy. He is our 1 1/2 year old English Bulldog that is the full brother to Lil Ben (who is not so little) and he is the funniest bulldog we have ever owned! He loves to play with balls - he does not do the traditional catch and give back but he does everything with his ball. All you have to do is say - where's your ball and he knows exactly where he left it....

He is clumsy, he eats too fast, he steals toys, he loves attention, he hangs out on the stairs, he has stolen our hearts, he chases squirrels, he is so full of life and now...he is dying of kidney failure. How? Why? What? When?

Questions, questions and more questions - tests, tests and more tests. IV fluids, antibiotics, vets, vet techs, cages and nights away from home....waiting, waiting, waiting!

You heard me when I said he was 1 1/2 years old - not 10 or 8....He is just a baby and he should not be having these issues! Our hearts are broken and it is so very hard to think straight right now. Tears, tears, tears and more tears - we cant even talk out loud about him without sobbing!

According to our vets (who we think are the best and who have handled all our dogs since 2004) Levi is in acute renal failure. The blood work shows that approximately 75% of his kidney function is gone and will not recover. Imagine the shock on our faces before the tears started to fall. Just a few weeks earlier, he had gotten a clean bill of health on his yearly checkup.

So after days of fluids and antibiotics, he is not better. The numbers have not improved enough. What do we do now? How do enter this chapter of our lives? How long can he live? What about the quality of life? Why does this hurt so bad? Why do we feel so helpless?

The next few days will be full research and consultations and additional doctors and ultrasounds. We will document it all on this blog so if you are not an animal lover - you might not want to read my post going forward.

We are better people because we have been loved by a dog! Their love is unconditional and ever present! Their loyalty is like no persons. Even when sick, all they want to do is please their master. No one on this earth cares for us like the dog does - this love is the way God loves us - unconditionally always and forever. If you have never loved and been loved by a dog, I urge you to try it. You will be so blessed! You might even see the handiwork of God - we sure did!

Sweet dreams my little Levi - we are going to do everything we can to make the remainder of your life here on earth full of love and happiness with as little pain as possible! Thank you Lord for blessing us so and if it is your will, please heal our little buddy!
Lead the way Lord - our eyes are leaking and it is SO hard to see! You alone are God and we worship you in the good times and in the bad!

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