Sunday, January 29, 2012

Levi - Day 5 Sunday Night! Praise the Lord for the little things!

WOW!!! We stand in amazement that we were allowed to bring Levi home tonight!!! Here is what happened - Levi's veins are blown and will not support an IV - they tried twice today to get it going again....Levi was restless in the cage - obviously bored with being caged up! When we got the call that we could come visit tonight - we were told that he had been given all his meds for the night and we could take him home if we promised to bring him back in the am!!!!

I dont know who was happier - Levi or us!!! What an unexpected blessing - we were bringing our baby home (if only for a little while)!!! Tomorrow will bring all the things that we talked about earlier today but for tonight - LEVI IS HOME!!!!

Thank you Lord for unexpected mercies!! Thank you for one more night of a little heaven here on earth! You must have know how bad we needed it....Thank you!

Levi has his ball and is sleeping soundly - Coach Burns is smiling and me - well tonight it is tears of joy and I could not ask for more....

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