Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Levi - Day 7 - Sunrises and Appetites

What a beautiful sunrise I saw this morning! God's painting is never the same from day to day and sometimes it is so exquisite that I just have to stare in amazement! Thank you Lord for this morning!

I am still not sleeping through the night - I have the urge to check on Levi several times - just to make sure he is resting comfortably. He had a difficult night last night - when he tries to sleep the tremors or shakes seem to wake him up once they start. I have discussed with the doctor and he says this is another sign of the renal failure - prescribing us something in the am to help him rest.

Amazingly though, he does not fight getting his meds - he gets quite a few each morning and each night now....he is such a good patient! We are seeing a sudden bit of violent behavior (fighting with Ben) that has not been an issue before...Could be side effects of the meds or he could just be acting out his frustrations - we are monitoring the situation and addressing with the doctor - cant have that happening! Prayer are needed as we try to regulate all that is going on in that little body!

Doctors have told us that we will know when the end is near - the appetite will fade, the excessive drinking of water will stop, the seizures will increase and his eyes will say LET ME GO..... However today is NOT that day!

Thank you Lord for Levi's starving appetite -what a refreshing sight to see today!!! We could not fill him up! Now he is sleeping soundly and all is well! Happy, full and resting - tonight we are not worried about tomorrow - we are just loving the moment and we could not ask for more. Thank you Jesus!

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