Thursday, February 2, 2012

Levi - Day 8 - Dr. Jeykl and Mr.Hyde

Oh my Levi Malachi!!! We have officially entered into a whole new world of pet care! From all outward appearances - Levi is still just the cutest little bulldog that he has always been - a little mischevious and crazy eyed but calm and well behaved most of the time.....ALL of this has changed since the hospital stay - he now has that wild eye look pretty much all of the time he is awake.

We believe that the combination of all the meds he is on coupled with the kidney failure progressing that the little fellow is just coping the best way he can. However, lashing out at Lil Ben is not the answer - neither Levi or Lil Ben need to be fighting and not to mention the human that gets in the way....Monday it was me - last night it was Coach Burns. Both of us are sporting punctures and bruises that look pretty ugly.

We have addressed this with our vets and Levi started doggie valium last night for his tremors/shakes and he is hoping that will take the edge off of Levi's anixety. Sure wish that Levi could talk and tell us what to do - wouldnt that be fabulous??

So now we battle this terrible disease and we battle to get our household back to the peace that it once had. Behavior modification/training/specialist is not the best option for a dog that is not feeling good.... We hate to keep him from the other dogs but we are prepared to do so if the meds cant control his new urge to attack.

Levi gets meds every morning and more meds at night - restricted diet - and Friday we will start fluids at home everyday. His sleep patterns are also off due to the tremors waking him up...

Quality of life?? He still loves his ball, loves to be petted, loves to eat, still climbing stairs to be where everyone else is, still our precious Levi - until in the blink of an eye he displays his disgust with the fact that he is dying and starts fighting like a dog literaly.

Isnt he a lot like us? When we have had enough - dont we do what is natural to us? Scream, cry, get angry, hurt someone with words - all because we are in pain and we are self-asborded at the moment....Then the smoke clears and we are sorry for what we have done....Levi Malachi - we love you! We are going to love you through this!

Thank you Lord for showing me the error of ways through a little bulldog's pain! Give me the strength to be example you would have me to be! Thank you for loving me despite the meanness that I spew out so often.

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