Sunday, February 19, 2012

Levi's Bucket List

Hey everyone - this is Levi! I am taking a minute to write down the things that I still want to do before I meet Arthur at Rainbow Bridge! I know that this is hard on mom and dad and Ash and Lex but I am going to be ok! They tell me that I have a wonderful brother there waiting for me - Arthur - their very first bulldog - he will take good care of me until they join us someday!

So here it is - my bucket list

1. Eat more double cheeseburgers - Mom says that they are not good for me now but I know that she will give in and let me have some more. She really really loves me and she know how much I love a double cheeseburger!

2. Go to church(Sunday School) - My mom teaches a bunch of kool teenagers on Sunday mornings and I know that I can help in a lesson on unconditional love - she has to clear it with the pastor first but I believe that it will happen because I can teach without using any words - I know my mom loves these teens and I want to love on them too.

3. Go to the Quad with Lex and pick up chicks - you may not know this but I am a chick magnet - Lex and me together - there will be no stopping us - look out ladies!

4. Meet Ms. Ashley's Gabby - the new grand dog as my parents call her - she is a tiny yorkie and I know that she will love me! How can she resist? After all I am a bulldog and that is enough said. Oh and ride in Mr. Mike's new car - heard it was cool!

5. Lots of hugs and kisses everyday from Mom and Dad and Lex - this being sick thing has gotten me lots of extra attention - it is good for me and I believe that it is good for them also! This world needs a lot more hugging and kissing in my opinion!

6. Go to the park and have a picnic - I have not been to the park very much since I am only a 1 1/2 years old but it was so much fun! Mom bought me a new wagon and I cant wait to try it out so hopefully we will have a pretty day really soon!

7. Play ball - love those words - I love to play with my ball - I don't have much energy anymore but I still have my ball in sight most of the time! Mom and Dad keep buying them for me and I love it but the white one is still my favorite!

8. Go to work with Dad (Coach Burns) and met the football players! I will wear my Jemison shirt and harness - I love football and my dad! He is the greatest!

9. Go see the grandparents (Mimi & Grandpa & Grandma Burns) - they all love me and I am sure that they will sneak me some snacks! They love my parents and me so much!

10. Make sure that Mom and Dad know that I love them and I will be waiting for them at Rainbow Bridge with Arthur - I am so glad that he will be there to show me the way and take care of me till Mom and Dad make to heaven!

I don't know how long I have left down here (people you don't know how long you have either) but I do know that I have been loved and loved and loved and I will be OK! When my time comes, I know that Mom and Dad will cry but this is not the end of the story - I am Levi Malachi Burns and I am a lucky lucky dog!

Later dudes - hey mom whats for dinner?

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  1. oh Laurel ... i laughed and cried while reading this ... you are amazing for writing this and Levi is a lucky dog to have you as a owner / parent :0 and you have been blessed with a wonderful gift from God . me and you both know God takes us and animals back home when he is ready but we will be reunited ... so try to stay strong and know you have the love of your family and friends and of course our Lord to hold you up when you need it ... and thanks for sharing your love and life with us <3