Friday, February 3, 2012

Levi and Listmaker Laurel

Yesterday Lil Ben had a complete bloodwork up because he was feeling bad - for those of you that don't know - Lil Ben is a full brother to Levi just a year and 1/2 older... Lil Ben is fine! Other than a little dehydration from a upset stomach - he is home and sleeping in his favorite chair as I type!

Levi got fluids tonight at the vets - Coach Burns and I were instructed on how to do this at home....hopefully we will be able to do it without much trouble. This leads us to our new life of meds and special diets and care!

In case you don't know, bulldogs are pretty high maintenance dogs to begin with - they need their wrinkles cleaned daily, theirs ears cleaned, their butts wiped, their eyes and noses care for.....we have a routine for this and they actually don't mind it at all...well except for Annabelle (she usually tries to sneak off)

Now we have to prepare special food for Levi - give meds every morning and every evening - some he likes - some he does not at all especially the liquid that taste like chalky mint...he fights when we have to give him this twice a day...

Now fluids - three times a week to start for three weeks - it will take both Coach Burns and I to do this - can we say quality time with a smile???

So how do we fit all of this into our busy schedule and not forget anything?? Well never fear Listmaker Laurel is here! I have already sat down tonight and marked up the calendar for the next month -making sure that Mr. Levi has all that he needs and we don't plan anything to conflict with his meds!

I knew one day that my obsession for list making would come in handy - now I know why! To everything there is a season.....praying for the next season in Levi's life to be as happy as possible!

Coming soon - Levi's Bucket List with the help of Listmaker Laurel.....laughing laughing laughing!

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