Thursday, February 2, 2012

Darling...are you sure we are in St. Lucia?

Coach Burns and I have been planning a trip for our 10th anniversary for a while now...St Lucia - beautiful tropical island, sun, sand, water, gardens, food, relaxing, sleeping in, adventures - All inclusive - flying in from Atlanta.

We have spent countless hours looking at the resorts and the packages - dreaming of a week without a care in the world! Oh, just the thought of it makes me smile! We spend so much time working and working and being sick that we have willed our minds to break away if just for a few days....then something unexpected happened....

Levi got sick...not just a little sick but a oh no kind of sick....Just within the past week - we have already spent 1/3 of that trip on his vets bills and that is just the beginning. Tomorrow we go to learn how to give fluids at home so we will need supplies for that. Levi is on special food that you must buy with a prescription and that is not cheap either...Meds, Meds and more meds...You get the picture....

So darling - close your eyes and we are in St. Lucia right here from the comfort of our own home! I will light the tiki torches on the deck and fill up the dog's pool with clear water! You put on some beach music and I will make a delish dinner... Just listen to the waves....peace and quiet and love abides...what a treasure we have found - St Lucia has bulldogs too!!! Who could ask for anything more?

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