Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Levi and Sub Q fluids

Until this episode with Levi - I had never even heard of Sub Q fluids - now it is part of our life....right now every third day for three weeks and then every other day indefinitely ....Can I say - Oh my? I am used to the cleaning of the wrinkles, the wiping of the bottoms, the endless cleaning of the ears and eyes....I have gotten that down to a science but now this....Again Oh my!

For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about - here is a how to link of what we know have to do with Levi ... http://www.thirdstreetvet.com/nss-folder/cehandoutfiles/Subcutaneous%20Fluid%20Administration.htm

So last night - we got the fluids out and cleared the line - put on the needle - found us a spot on the rear to begin - He was excited and knew something was going to happen so we gave him his ball to chew on....Of course Coach Burns got to hold him and I got to do the dirty work - stick him with the needle and open the flow.....bless his little heart - he took it like a true trooper!

We sat there with him for what seems like a much longer time than actually was while the fluids proceeded to cause a bubble under his skin - about the size of your palm....once we have reached the designated amount - I pulled the needle out and pinched slightly to keep the fluids inside.

It look funny on his body but the doctors told us it would absorb quickly and it did...Levi handled it much better than we did - practice will make perfect so we should get pretty good at this in the next few weeks! Praying that the Sub Q fluids will give his kidneys some relief and that he will continue to feel better!

We know that unless something miraculous changes - our days are numbered with him even though he is so young. We have accepted that - we will do the doctoring and the cleaning, and preparing special food and whatever else is required of us to keep him comfortable because we love him - Like parents love their children, like families love each other...HE IS FAMILY! Thank you God for blessing us with our little ball boy!

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