Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's play ball....

I am not a sports person - cant believe I said that outloud after all my husband is a high school coach. He loves football, basketball, baseball, hockey, name it...He is 100% sports fanatic. I am terribly uncoordinated - no rhythm - the one that was always picked last at get the picture. I watch sports with Coach Burns - go to all the games but know very little about it- I support his teams (with the exception of his favorite college team). But given the choice to watch sport or a good movie - give me the movie anyday!

I am not a morning person at all! I am grumpy and unsociable - irritable and hurried - always lacking sleep. Coach Burns has learned to not talk much of a morning for I have the tendency to snap at comments that normally would only get a chuckle. For years I have tried to wake up nice but most days it just takes too much effort!

However things may be changing - imagine that! You see there is a little bulldog named Levi that loves to play ball - loves loves loves to play ball! I have never seen anything like it! He has lots of balls but one favorite - a squeaky baseball - carries it with him throughout the house and into the yard. Always know where to find it when you ask him where it is...

Thank you Lord for blessing me today! Now let's play ball!!!
Today for the first time EVER of a morning - I found myself playing ball with Levi before leaving for work and I enjoyed it! I don't know how many more mornings he will feel like playing ball but I pray that this continues and I stop and take a few extra moments to play with him - it sure made me smile and I believe he was smiling also!

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