Friday, February 24, 2012

A little nervous but we know the Great Physician.....

Well it has been three weeks today since we left the doctors office armed with Sub Q fluids, supplements, medications, dry food and wet food for Levi. We have turned our home into a regular monitored doctors office - sticking to the schedules and routines - paying extra attention to his every move. We are 100% committed to giving him the best that we can while we have the blessing of his presence here on earth.

Tonight we go back to see if what we are doing is holding ground - we will have the blood work checked again and compare the numbers to the last two times that they were taken and hopefully see that he is not getting any worse yet.

To say that we are nervous is an understatement - oh how we long to hear the words tonight that our precious Levi is completely healed and will be able to enjoy a long long bulldog life! Realistically we know that we are not going to hear those words - we know that the damage done to his little body is major and we know that his kidneys will never be able to sustain a long life without divine intervetion. But still we hope!

We believe that everything happens for a reason - there are no concidences! God has a mighty plan for each one of our lives and it will be His way. We will have hard times, we will hurt, we will battle many many temptations and sins, we will fail at times. Yet we also know that we are never alone and that each day he renews our strength in Him if we allow Him to.

We may never know why Levi was born this way or why his life will be so short but we do believe that the Lord is using Levi to slow us down and watch the unfolding unconditional love at it's very best! Lord we thank you for each and every moment of this - the smiles, the tears, the extra work, the bonds that we are making with new friends and family, the testimony of true love one second at a time.....Thank you Lord for Jesus!

So tonight we will load Levi into the car and visit our friends at Montevallo Animal Clinic and whatever we are told - it will be ok! We believe that he is doing better and that is enough for us!

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