Monday, January 30, 2012

Levi - Day 6 - The Specialist - Sad Day

Before I begin my rant on how I feel tonight - let me first thank ALL the professionals that have ministered to Levi the last few days! Thank you to the doctors, the techs, the receptionists, and the cashiers - you all handled us with compassion and care - I saw the look in your eyes when you delivered the news that was not the news you wanted to deliver! Thank you Lord for blessing us with these folks - we saw your work through them...They loved us and they cared for us and they showed us compassion on the good days and on the bad ones!

The internal medicine confirmed the diagnosis of our vets. Levi's kidney issue is nothing that we could have prevented - it is congential - he was born this way! Bless his heart - all his life his kidneys have been functioning abnormally and all the other organs in his tiny body have been overcompensating for it. If only we had known, perhaps we could have started to control it medication earlier but the obvious signs (drinking too much water) were not anything that we knew to be on the lookout for - he always drank a lot of water.

Let me take a moment to say this also - our breeder who is also our friend - did not intentionally sale or breed a dog that was not 100% - She had no way of knowing either! Levi had a 100% clean bill of health when we got him - she is in NO WAY to blame for any of this! We love her and will continue to thank her for the blessings of Arthur, Lil Ben, Annabelle and precious Levi!

So now to how I feel tonight....SAD SAD SAD and SAD.... My heart is broken and my game face is gone....tears flow abundantly. We have the answers we were searching for and over the course of the next few days we will have a hospice plan in place to make the most of the next few days, weeks and perhaps (Lord willing) months.

No more words tonight! Just hugs and tears - the two seem to go hand in hand now

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