Friday, March 9, 2012 is me Levi!

Hey folks!!!

It is me Levi! I am so excited that I had to steal the computer from mom for a little while!!! I am LOVING all this attention that folks are giving never leaves home without making sure that I am ok - she kisses me and tells me she loves me so much! Dad (most folks think is a big bad manly man) is pushover for me....he snuggles with me everyday - he lets me lay in his lap(even though I weigh 70 lbs) - he hand feed me when I don't feel like eating from my bowl....I have to be the luckiest dog alive!!!

Guess what?? I am preparing to go to church with mom on Sunday morning to teach her Sunday school class (she teaches a bunch of cool teenagers) and I get to be the guest speaker....WOW bow-wow!!! I have been working on my lesson for them - I would put some of it on here but I want it to be a surprise for the students!

Mom says that I cant come to big church as dogs are not allowed - I don't understand that but if Mom says it is so then I believe it. I am just glad that I get to go for a few minutes and show them all what it is like to be loved unconditionally.

Mom bought me a tie - she loves to dress me up! She also says that I have to get groomed on Saturday - that is ok - I love to take a bath! I hope feel good on Sunday - Mom and Dad really stress over me now....geez they are constantly wiping my nose, checking my ears, cleaning my behind, listening to me breathe - you get the picture.

Mom says that I cant take my ball - I love my ball - but Mom says no. She said that we take the Bible to church - Mom uses hers alot at home - sometimes she lets me read it too....

Well I gotta go now....and take a nap (I love naps) before dinner time.... Mom says that she will post pictures of me in my tie and my brother Lex (he is so cool) is going to tape me in class.....lookout I just might be the next Lassie - he was a cool dog - just not a bulldog....

Later dudes! I love ya - keep praying for me!!!

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