Sunday, March 11, 2012

Unconditional Love as told by Levi Malachi Burns

Dog Is God Spelled Backwards

Have you ever come home from school after a very hard and trying day and been ready to throw in the towel and tell the whole world "where to go" only to be greeted by your dog with such love it warms your heart and you find your anger dissipating?

It seems like we can only expect "unconditional love" from two sources, our dogs and God. Human beings are incapable of it. We don't give it and we don't get it back from other people. We have limits to the kind of love we are capable of giving. When someone says something unkind about us, or does something cruel or intentionally does something to hurt us, then we become wounded. And our gut reaction is to strike back, or take revenge on that person.
We don't just bounce right back and give them a big hug anyway. Yet dogs do. One can treat them like dirt, and they STILL LOVE US. Even when we are not lovable a dog will still love us.

A dog never judges, never with holds affection, never ignores us. To our dogs we are the most important person in the world and they want nothing more than to please us. It matters not to our dog if we are fat or skinny, beautiful or ugly, popular or ignored by everyone in the world, sinner or saint...Nothing matters to our dog but us.
God does the exact same things for us that a dog does. He loves us "unconditionally" and is always there to greet us throughout the day. He listens to us, does not talk back in an arguementive way, understands what we are feeling, shows empathy and compassion, leads us when we are blind, gives food to us when we are hungry, and He has already laid down His life for you.
Perhaps ALL dogs have a straight connection to God, and we don't even know it... Jesus said ... " I will be with you always, even unto the ends of the earth." Dogs love us with the unconditional LOVE OF GOD in their hearts and in their souls... they are "angels in disguise" living right beside us each and every day. So think about it ...

FYI - I did not write this - Mom helped me find it on the Internet - the author is listed as Patricia Jones, MA - Counselor.....

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