Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This rollercoaster life.....

Up - down - up - down - spinning all around - upside down - fast and furious - never a dull moment - wow!

Such is the Burns household for as long as I can remember now....Coach Burns' illness is ever present - His body full of pain and aging quickly. For now the pneumonia is clearing up and we managed to avoid a hospital stay so far! (Thank you Lord for that blessing) Long term - we don't even talk about it anymore - we just go one day at a time - praising the Lord through the good and the bad days!

Levi's illness is so similar to Coach Burns' illness in that appearing to fine one minute and really ill the next. Bless both their hearts! I believe that they are good therapy for each other! I truly believe that a dog is man's best friend!!

Each day we wake not knowing what the day will bring but we thank the Lord for another day! We are armed with the necessary equipment to ride the roller coaster - we have the love of the Lord, the armor of Christ, each other, our family and friends, and our bulldogs! We are blessed beyond measure and we thank you Lord for reminding us that life down here is NOTHING like life will be in heaven!

If there are roller coasters up there - I am sure that they will be for PURE ENJOYMENT - not like the ones that characterize this so call life down here.

We will continue to pray without ceasing for healing for:
Coach Burns - 12 years and counting
Levi - as he works on his bucket list
Dave and family - special dear friends of ours that we love
Janice and Lewis - illness that wont go away

Precious Lord,
You know the needs of the ones mentioned above and Lord you are the Great Physician - we put all our trust in you! Please give peace and comfort to all who are hurting and Lord please give healing to those in need of it! We trust you completely and will praise you through the storm, through the good times and through the roller coaster ride - now and for always! In the precious name of Jesus - Amen!

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