Sunday, April 15, 2012

How do we help you say goodbye?

How do we let you go sweet Levi? Right now as you are sleeping so peacefully, we can pretend that all is normal and you will awake ready to eat, play, and be chased with your favorite ball....but we know that is not the case any longer.

This weekend has been the worst ever! You dont want to eat - that has not ever been a problem with you in the past for long - You dont want to play - that is definitely a first - oh how I long to chase you with that silly ball in your mouth. You cant keep water down - throwing up is the norm yesterday and today. Your stools are pure water with a terrible smell and yet you still try to manage to get to one of your pads before letting it go. Your legs are not working correctly - you cant stand for body is shutting down and we are SICK with anguish over this.

We knew the day was coming - we just keep praying that it is not today. So Levi, my precious precious Lil Ball Boy - how do we help you to say goodbye? How can we put aside our selfish wants and let you go? Lord we pray that you will help us as we prepare to walk him toward Rainbow Bridge. Arthur is waiting for him there....he will be free of pain and illness and Arthur will take care of him till we can get there one day.

Lord we will rely on you to help us carry on down here - We praise you for the time that we have spent with him and if it be your will for it to end now - we trust you and praise with every ounce of our being. You alone are GOD and we praise you on bended knees with a flood of tears....

Vet in the morning for one final appeal for help - believing that all things work together for good - we have fought the good fight and we have run for the prize...sweet Levi - your pain is almost over!

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  1. I am so sorry for your pain and illness Levi. I hope you find happiness and friends on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I hope your family on this side finds solace in the knowledge they made Levi's life a lovely one. Unfortunately all good things come to an end someday, but we always hope that end is further away. My prayers are with you!