Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What a difference a day makes....

This morning - Levi wanted to play ball....oh my what a glorious sight that was! He has regained clumsily use of his back legs and was toting his ball in his mouth daring me to chase him....My heart jumped and I stopped right then and thanked the Lord for one more chance to play ball with him!

Yesterday when Levi was in such bad shape, I talked with the vet and it was decided to reduce the amount of phenobarbital and see if he returned to a more normal Levi - we did just that - and things are better (much improved). He is not 100% (nor will he ever be again most likely) but he can stand now, walk now, and has the desire to play with his ball. He was one the sofa this morning when I got up - that means he found a way to jump up there last night by himself....all of this is such a welcome relief from the past few days.

We know the days are numbered but for today.....we are living in the moment! Loving in the moment and enjoying new mercies as they are given to us! Was it worth being late to work today???? OH YES!! Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! Only tears of joy today!

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