Sunday, April 22, 2012

What will your tombstone say?

The photo has been picked and the granite memorial urn(to match Arthurs) has been ordered. This was fairly simple to do once we found the perfect photo - the remaining information needed was full name, day he entered this world and day he left us and one line to memorialize his time here.

For Levi - that was simple - Unconditional love Always - that is what we put and that is how he lived the entire twenty two months he was here....just wanted to be loved and played with and give love back....

The tears are beginning to dry somewhat as long as we dont dwell on it...But the thoughts run rampant in our heads of what if or if only.....All of this makes me think of how our lives will be remembered after we are gone.

What will my tombstone say? What will yours say? There is an old beautiful cememtery in Selma Alabama with moss flowing from the trees....I spent an afternoon there a couple of years ago with COach Burns and two of our dearest friends....I went from grave site to grave site reading the inscriptions - trying to catch a glimpse into someone's life I did not know. Some were sad - some made me laugh and some were just beautiful! I treasure that day so much!

What will my tombstone say? I hope it says that she LOVED the LORD, her family, her friends and her dogs with all her heart! She died working for the Lord and loving every minute of it! She lived a blessed life!

What will yours say?

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