Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walk down memory lane....

Let me start by saying this is not about bulldogs! This walk down memory lane involves two human beings that are precious gifts from God - loaned to me to raise - and I could not love them more! I am not trying to be prideful or boast - everything they are and everything they mean to me is a blessing from the Lord! Thank you Lord for loaning me these two little ones to raise down here.

Today a chapter in this mom's book closed - I attended the last awards ceremony for my youngest - Lex - who is a senior in college - and who just won - Mass Comm Student of the Year 2012 (I love you Lex). Thank you Lord - I was there!

As I sat there waiting and watching - I strolled down memory lane with tears of joy for the many times that I had been in this position before. Ashley and Lex are four years apart - and once it started - it did not stop for eighteen years! From Ashley in students of the month, good citizens, peer helpers, annual scholastic awards ceremonies,honor society, high school graduation, college graduation - I was there. Thank you Lord!

For Lex - the same - kindergarten, student of the month, good citizen, sports banquets,honor society, annual scholastic awards, high school graduation, college awards - I was there! Thank you Lord!

Both of them will graduate in December 2012 (Lord willing) - Ashley with her graduate degree and Lex with his undergrad one and Lord willing - I will be there!

But today was different - in a small ceremony - I was a spectator - as I watched my son accept awards for what he has done with his life and I realized this would be the last awards ceremony and I cried. For one brief moment, I wanted to turn back time and have them both home with me - depending on me - safe from this big bad world we live.

Memory lane continued with the death of Nanny - their first sense of loss - she was like a mother to them - the first real hurt in their life and I was there - Praise the Lord!

A few years later - they chose the Lord as their personal savior and both were baptized on the same day - PRAISE THE LORD - I was there! Hallelujah - there is no greater joy than knowing that your child will spend eternity in heaven with you! Thank you Lord for letting me be there!

To say I love Ashley and Lex would be an understatement! You cant truly realize a mother's love until you are a mother! I could not be more proud to be their mom. I would not change a thing - they are my treasures here on earth and they will be with me in heaven (who could ask for anything more)

Thank You Lord for blessing me with these precious ones! Somehow you knew just exactly what I needed! I can never thank you enough! If I were to be called home tonight, I could honestly say - I could not have asked for more - it is well with my soul!

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