Monday, April 2, 2012

Levi - Day 68

First let me say "Thank you Lord" for letting us have this precious fellow for the last 68 days - as bleak as the prognosis was - you gave us 68 more days and WE ARE SO THANKFUL!!! To God be the Glory!

The past few days have been very difficult on Levi and us....We started giving Phenobaritol to control the seizures caused by the declining function of the kidneys. According to everyting I have read, it takes a few weeks for this drug to full work and while his diseased body gets use to it, there are side effects.
"As a result, many of the side effects of Phenobarbital are neurological. You'll notice your dog appearing lazy, sedated, restless, hyper-excited or uncoordinated (ataxia). These side effects will disappear after a few weeks of treatment when your dog's system gets used to the medication."
We are experiencing the ataxia condition - uncoordinated movement of legs. In other words, our precious Lil Ball Boy cannot chase his ball - he cant make his legs work like they are supposed. He cant jump on the sofa or climb the stairs or stand up long enough to eat. His walking is similar to an intoxicated person - He looks at us with confusion as to why he cant do what he normally does....and our hearts break a little more each time.

As we watch Levi, we are so constantly reminded that the day is coming when it will be time to let go of him so that he can run free with Arthur at Rainbow Bridge with NO PAIN and NO TEARS ( Heaven will be like that for those of us who know the Lord)!

We are praying now for healing, guidance, comfort and wisdom to make the right decisions at the right time with the least amount of pain for both Levi and us. Lord, please put the selfish side of us in the proper place and give us the strength to show Levi unconditional love by letting him go when that time comes!

Thank You Lord for blessing so and hearing our prayers!

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